Welcome Letter
Tolson Thunderbirds 
Dear Parents/Guardians:        

Greetings and welcome back to school! 

The Tolson staff and I are thrilled to start the 22-23 school year. We are counting on a collaborative relationship with our families to ensure the best opportunities for learning at school and at home. Please do your best to be an active parent/guardian throughout the year.  We invite you in our building on a consistent basis.  Please schedule volunteer hours with your classroom teacher if your schedule permits.

Our curriculum focus this year will remain driven by the Arizona adopted Common Core Standards.  Language Arts instruction will emphasize small group guided reading, while mathematics is highlighted by the Eureka2 math program. Please contact your child’s teacher for specific information.
Please welcome our new staff members: Kelly Watters (special ed), Andrina Soto (special ed), Angela Klein (monitor), Norma Badilla (2nd grade teacher), Michelle Pon (special ed TA), Viola Perez (TA), Alex Yubeta (special ed TA). 

NOTICE:  Cell phones are banned during classroom instructional hours. Students may keep such devices in their backpack in the off position until after the final bell.

The entire staff appreciates your support and consideration to all aspects of Tolson Elementary.  Please consider a tax credit exchange.  This is a dollar for dollar refund to you for every dollar you donate to Tolson.  Individuals can donate up to $200.00 and married couples can donate up to $400.00.  Do not feel obligated to donate those specific amounts.  A $5, $10, $20 donation is accepted and welcomed.  Remember, if you pay taxes, you will receive the donated amount back to you as a refund!

Regular attendance is expected for all children enrolled. Please ensure your child is here every day possible.

Instructional hours: 8:30-2:40 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)  8:30-1:40 (Wednesday)
                                                                                                Office # 225-3300
                                                                                               Nurse # 225-3317

Welcome…it’s our pleasure to serve you!
Ryan Wilson
Tolson Elementary